Autoclavable Mushroom Grain Spawn Bags with 0.2 Micron Filter Patch

Are you looking to cultivate your very own mushrooms? Well, let us tell you, the appropriate mushroom spawn bag is an absolute must-have! Our bags are made from thermoplastic and are 100% autoclavable, meaning they can withstand high temperatures up to 360°F.

The best part? Our bags come equipped with a 0.2-micron filter that's perfect for producing grain spawn colonization. This filter is more restrictive, blocking airborne contaminants while providing just the right amount of fresh air exchange for healthy mycelium growth.

So, if you want to ensure the success of your mushroom cultivation project, make sure you get your hands on our top-quality mushroom spawn bags. They're reliable, durable, and designed to help you grow the best mushrooms possible. Get started on your mushroom journey today!

We recommend filling each bag with a maximum amount of 3lbs of hydrated grains.

How to Use Mushroom Grow Bags

You can use many different methods and types of grains when using mushroom grow bags. However, you must follow four essential steps when creating your grow bags.

Hydrate your grains

Rinse and hydrate your grains by soaking them in a bucket of tap water over night. This step allows the grains to hydrate and swell retaining water. It is important to not let them soak too long or they will germinate!

Boil your grains

Bring your grains to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes. Boiling grains softens the grains and causes the husk to split allowing easier digestion for the mycelium. It is important to not over cook the grains as this over hydrates them and introduce a higher risk of bacterial growth and contamination. 

Dry your grains

After you boil the grains, drain and spread the grains on a flat surface to cool them. Cooling and letting the grains dry allows the husk to harden a bit which will help them not get overcooked in the pressure cooker. 

Sterilize your grains

You will need a stove top pressure canner or an autoclave for this critical step. After bagging your grains, pressure cook at 15PSI for a minimum of 90 minutes. Sterilization is a very important step you cannot skip!

How to Store your Sterilized Grow Bags

Once you have bagged and sterilized your grains using the steps above, you can store your grains for up to 30 days without refrigeration.